Our Roots:

Campus Cactus was created by design firm/retailer Loyal Supply Co. and Tufts University students during a summer internship program. The goal of the program was to create a platform for experimentation and collaboration between students, universities, and local business. Over the course of 2 months the team worked through the details and execution of what is now Campus Cactus - An event company focused on enhancing quality of life and bringing benefits of plant ownership to campuses across the country.

The act of “moving in” is more than sweating and carrying your stuff up 3 flights of stairs. Moving in is about spending time in a place and getting to know it. Surrounding yourself with objects that make you happy. It’s been proven that plants make people happy and let’s face it, cacti are the best kind of plants. That’s why we started campus cactus. We want to help you move in and make your new space feel familiar. We’re sorry we can’t be there to carry the couch or the mini fridge, but we can help you warm up to your new place with some prickly plants.  


Partner Program:

We are looking for partners interested in studying the benefits of plants in campus settings. We believe that plants boost creativity, decrease anxiety, and promote healthy lifestyles. If you are an institution or organization interested in working together we look forward to hearing from you. 


Our Mission:

Improve campus life, one cactus at a time.
Environmentally, emotionally, and aesthetically.


Why Cacti?

More benefits than prickles and the research to prove it.

They Clean Up

While the cure to pollution is going to take more than just a few cacti, it has been proven that houseplants can significantly improve air quality. 


Size Doesn't Matter

We know, your dorm room is small, but don't worry, it doesn't take a garden. All you need is one cactus to experience the benefits.



Good Looking

Incorporating cacti into your decorating scheme adds beauty and style with unique form and cool aesthetic appeal.


Friends with Benefits

We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, while plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen -- so nobody gets their heart broken.


The Perfect Roommate

Houseplants have been known to help reduce stress, blood pressure, and even heart rate. And they’re always cool with pizza for breakfast.


Making Up for Lost Time

Procrastinators, rejoice! Studies show that houseplants can create a happier work environment and increase your productivity by as much as 12%.