Join the Campus Cactus Team

Apply now to help us improve campus life, one cactus at a time! 


The Details 

Am I Eligible?

Yes! We aren't looking for specific majors and, no, you don't have to be in your third-year of college. Our ideal applicant is passionate, creative, and eager for a unique opportunity to apply their personal interests to a summer internship.

What Would I Do?

When it comes to joining our team, the internship experience is as unique as each Campus Cactus event. Your job is to make bringing cacti to your campus awesome and enjoyable for everyone involved. How you do that is flexible. Let your passions inspire you!



How Do I Apply?

That’s easy. Send your cover letter and resume to and we'll be in touch. 


The best way to get an internship is to help us get to your campus.