Packages for all occasions.

From small campus events to university giveaways, we’ll customize a package that’s perfect for your school. Our friendly team of event planners will be with you every step of the way, from designing your program to cacti delivery, to event services and even plant care advice. 

Whether you want to start planning your program, have questions about pricing, or simply want to chat, our event planners are ready to help.


Cactus Free For All

Campus wide give away! Sponsored by your college or university. There is no better way to get every student experiencing the benefits of potted plants.


Dorm Decor

Our curated selection of home decor items suit all styles and spaces, and makes a great complement to your campus event. Think posters, frames, pillows, sculptures, and so much more.

Stickers & Pricklers

Show your campus—and cactus—pride through our collection of university themed-stickers, mascots, logos, and crests. 

The Cactus Trike

The Campus Cactus trike pictured above is available for events in the Boston area and can be added to any scale package. We have used it for cactus delivery, mobile sales, and pre-event advertising. Ask our planners for details. 


Paint - A - Pot

Make it a paint party with terra cotta and colorful acrylics, while adding a touch of personal style to your cactus' new home. 



Our cactus decorating station is yours to transform your plant into a fun and funky companion.

Tents & Tables

Don't you worry, We'll take care of everything. Setup and breakdown


Our friendly and knowledgable staff will be there to find a home for every cactus and explain the benefits of potted plants on campus. 


Rates vary depending on time of year and scale of your event. 


Your Campus Cactus event is waiting.